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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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employee, jean clark harris, taken a plea in this case, should have plenty to say in court today. >> why you did it? >> in comments, thanks. >> admitted in court today that she helped run an illegal shadow campaign for vincent gray in 2010. the funding, a staggering $653,800 came from wealthy businessman, jeffrey thompson. there was no evidence or testimony for today that mayor gray knew about the illegal shadow campaign. he wasn't talking to rorlters, his press person had this to say. >> is his position the same as it has always been? he's not going to comment on this or is his position as it was earlier, that he didn't know anything about this? >> he had no comment. >> again, it's no comment, even with these new developments? >> harris is part of a plea agreement also admitted in court today that she collected contributions for gray from 16 people who really didn't have
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the maximum $2,000 to give. she said jeffrey thompson kicked back the sums to those people. that money came to more than $40,000. >> tonight, jeany harris is free. she is looking at two felony charges. according to my sources, she won't do any prison time as part of the plea bargain. this is bruce johnson reporting live for 9news now. >> after today's developments in court, we heard directly from the district's top prosecutor, u.s. attorney. >> in 2010, the mayoral campaign was compromised by back room deals, secret payments, and a flood of unreported cash. >> and federal prosecutors say this is not over. their investigation keeps going. the verison center will be shining brighter down in chinatown. today the d.c. council unanimously approved emergency legislation to allow more animated signs on the exterior of verison center.
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allows the owners to seek perms to install up to nine new signs and digital displays. ted released a statement in the last hour thanking the council. he says the new signs will improve the arena and increase tax revenue for the city. and the council continued the push to make pepco put power lines under ground today. two council members introduced bills that would require the utility to bury at least some of its lines in the district. kristin fisher has more from the wilson building. >> we're talking about two separate bills that were introduced today. one by council member chay. where to bury the power lines, and how to bury the power lines. they are different, but the end goal is the same. it would start the process of really moving all of the city's power lines under ground. >> ten days after the strong summer storm that left 66,000 pepco customers without power
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in the district, councilwoman says enough is enough. >> today, i'm introducing the utility act of 2012. compose areas of the city be designated as under ground utility districts. >> establish a commission that would designate under ground utility districts across the city. if passed, pepco would be required to bury all power lines in those designated districts. >> proposing designated, the assessment commission will consider whether under ground can occur as part of a construction project, whether under grounding is likely to substantially reduce related outages. >> critics say it is too expensive. pepco put the price tag at $5 billion and you, the pepco customer, will be paying for it. the work will be funded by a 4% assessment on the sale of electricity in the district. >> could the money come from somewhere else? that's the focus of council member, jack evan's proposal. >> in light of the cost, a working group would be
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established consistenting of representatives of the mayor of council and pepco to determine how to fund the project. >> this would include representatives from pepco. if the bill becomes law, they'd have until the end of the year to figure out how to pull it off. >> we are long past the study. we should bury the power lines. >> and this debate is really only beginning. both of these bills are in the very early stages. right now, the bills have been referred to public services and consumer affairs and that's the same committee that this friday will be holding a hearing on pepco's response to these most recent storms. at the wilson building, i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. and 9news also learned state regulators in maryland will allow power companies to pass on to customers some of the cost associated with the recent power outages. one state official estimated it could amount to $1 or less per customer, customers in d.c. and virginia will not be subjected to such direct charges. the two people injured in
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that building collapse this weekend in fredericksburg are still in the hospital tonight. that collapse was caused by a microburst. it blew off the roof and caused the wall to come crashing down with more than 20 people inside, a lot of kids. everybody survived and tonight, peggy fox has exclusive interview with a mom badly hurt when the walls cafed in. >> you saw debris, the sky opened up and you saw stuff coming down. the building is coming down. i couldn't believe it. >> michelle smith was in the building when a microburst brought it down sunday evening. >> the way the door crumpled in and this was flying off, you would never expect a big metal door to go flying. >> roof blew off and the walls on two sides caved in. smith was thrown through a door and into another room. >> it was just bad. when i tried to stand up, i fell back down and realized
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that my leg was going straight, but my foot was over here. >> her ankle is shattered, her ribs are cracked and a lung collapsed. it was dark and she was alone. and worst of all, she didn't know what happened to her son and the other kids who had just been practicing their cheerleading routines. >> it's so scary. because i didn't hear any of them screaming or make any noise when i was yelling for them when we were in the building. that's the worst feeling in the world. i thought all the babies were dead. >> she was relieved to learn her son and all the other children were okay. only one other parent was injured and he is recovering as well. >> when i saw michelle, she was emotional. i said be quiet. you're alive. you are talking to me. you're okay. >> michelle is hoping to go home tomorrow where her mother and a neighbor will help get
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her by until her ankle is healed. >> the other adult injured is 40-year-old heath mullins. he is also recovering here at mary washington hospital. he has broken bones and a concussion. like michelle smith, he also did not make it to a safe room, but he did make sure all the children did. in fredericksburg, peggy fox, 9news now. >> that's the best part of the story. thanks, peggy. a settlement could be in the works over a bitter dispute in woodbridge, virginia. under this possible deal, some families would be allowed to go home. prince william county declared the place uninhabitable last fall after a storm dumped rain that flooded it out. ever since then, the county and the owner of holly acres have been fighting over the owner's efforts to rebuild. caught in the middle. the people who call holly acres home. >> another great day outside, at least temperature wise. top, we've seen temperatures and storms start to roll through. >> we talked about a few thunderstorms popping up and we
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have a few thunderstorms. in fact, we'll show you live doppler. nothing severe at this point, but some have heavy rains. if you're going up 97 toward wheaten, some heavy rains there up 29 as well. and heavier activity also down, just to the west of national airport, headed toward anondale and to the east of springfield. look for a brief heavy downpour and good activity east of bowie out 50 as you head toward the park and also annapolis inbetween 97 and 50. so again, nothing severe, but brief, heavy downpours likely with these storms. 82 downtown. 79 in manassas. 82 in leesburg. 81 in hagerstown and 84 at andrews. for tonight, we'll keep the chance of a thunderstorm in. otherwise mostly cloudy and mild. lows 66 to 74 downtown. we'll come back. we'll talk about a frontal system to our south that will move back to the north as a warm front. we'll tell you what that will do to temperatures over the weekend. >> still to come, a local food
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bank looks to help low income families that had to toss everything out during last week's power outages. but first, president obama hits the campaign trail to convince voters his plan is the best one for america. details of his message and his opponents next. ♪
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very close to forcing a memorandum. they validated 47, 700 signatures. officials still have more than 11,000 to check. if at least 9,000 are approved, voters will get to decide if the redistricting plan stands. president obama is determined to make taxes a key issue this election year. and today, the president hit the road in iowa to make the case. he's the candidate with the best plan for the middle class. the president is trying to convince voters that extending bush era tax cuts for families is good for the economy. >> i believe that we should make sure the taxes on the 98% of americans don't go up and then we should let the tax cuts expire for folks like me. >> the president has already threatened to veto any extension for wealthier americans. this isn't sitting well with
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republicans in congress or on the campaign trail. today in colorado, gop presidential candidate insisted the president's plans would hurt small business. >> so at the very time, the american people are seeing fewer jobs created than we need. the president announces he is going to make it harder for jobs to be created. >> now, if congress does nothing, all the tax cuts for everybody expire at the end of this year. >> well, this is a july weather streak we could get used to. temperatures in the 80s for a second straight day. topper has the anxious. that's coming up after the break. but first, republicans live up to their promise to try to repeal the affordable care act. details from day one of debate. that's next.
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president obama's affordable care act is again center stage on capitol hill. it is a new effort by republicans to repeal the healthcare overhaul, a promise they made just after the supreme court upheld the law as constitutional. >> republicans in congress are ramping up efforts to overturn the president's crowning achievement. healthcare reform. >> we are resolved to have this law go away. we are going to do everything we can to stop it. >> republican leadership scheduled three panels to
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examine the impact of the affordable care act on the economy and the healthcare industry. republicans strongly oppose the individual mandate, which requires everyone to purchase healthcare or pay a fine. >> how is this different than the government requiring americans to purchase broccoli or pay a tax for not doing so? >> estimates that only 1.4% of americans will pay anything for refusing to purchase insurance. >> the house is expected to hold a repeal vote wednesday. the gop tried about 30 times to undermine the law and there's no reason to expect they'll succeed this time. the measure is certain to die in the democratic senate and the president has vowed any repeal bills would meet his veto pen. but republicans hope they'll ignite public opposition and force them in november to defend the controversial law, democrats are also hoping to score political points.
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monday, the house's democratic campaign arm released ads attacking americans. >> you remember if congress may vote to repeal for every day americans. >> the fate of the affordable care act may lie in the hands of voters this november. i'm tommy reporting. >> the fault line that caused last august earthquake in virginia will soon enter the record books. the u.s. geological survey says it plans to map the fault between now and july 20. that will allow the agency to better determine our region's earthquake risk. a group in fairfax, virginia, that helps low income families is thanking the folks who just came through with nearly $5,000 in emergency donations. the organization is called our daily bread. it sent out an s.o.s. asking help for families who lost food to spoilage. the response, overwelming. >> this community, despite all the issues that we faced, you
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know, no power, not been able to get out of your house sometimes. that they would take the time to take care of one of their neighbors in need in addition to dealing with their issues. it just makes my heart sing. >> you can make their heart sing more. the website, odb for our daily bread. can't imagine the frustration, if you are talking about families who already have so little to watch food spoil and go to waste. >> she's right. couldn't drive around, couldn't do anything. >> good to hear those donations came in. we have a couple thunderstorms on radar. a couple heavy thunderstorms. but this is going to be the pattern we're in the rest of tonight and tomorrow and also as we get into thursday and friday. but temperatures are still going to remain in check. let's start with a live look outside. we'll show you live doppler. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. it hit 90 today. right now 82. light rain according to
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nationals. dew point up 70. dew point started out nice this evening. 70s not so nice. pressure up a little bit at 29.99 inches of mercury. all right, live doppler 9,000. a little tiny area of thunderstorms, essentially right around the beltway. so we'll zoom in a little bit. we showed you these earlier. some of them are heavy. some will produce strong, gusty winds and brief heavy rain fall. you are going out toward bethesda. this storm straddles the river between bethesda and across the river into loudoun and parts of fairfax county. this is a big storm toward silver spring and college park and wheaten. go out to 97, georgia avenue or 185, connecticut, running into heavy rain. this weakened a little bit. but still some moderate rain for the next 10, 15 minutes. where will these storms go? we'll put this into motion over the next hour. they'll slowly sink to the south. they will diminish in intensity, even the ones out route 50. heavy activity at this moment toward annapolis and back into
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50. they will diminish a little bit as we go through the next hour. temperatures, well, 81 in bethesda. 82 downtown. and 85 in college park. so temperatures are going to remain manageable. an isolated thunderstorm possible tonight. a bit muggy downtown. dew points come up in the 70s, not a good thing. seasonal wednesday and seasonal thursday. with some storms possible, but that's part of the routine. isolated storm possible. 66 to 74. tomorrow morning, skies returning partly cloudy. you need your shades and winds southeasterly at 10. and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, seasonal, maybe a thunderstorm again tomorrow. highs in the upper 80s. winds easterly at 10. we'll keep it code green for now for wednesday, thursday, and friday. 89 tomorrow. 88 on thursday. 90 on friday. afternoon storms are possible. next seven days. the front broke our heat yesterday will move back to the
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north as a warm front. we'll go back to the low 90s as we get into saturday and sunday. an increased chance of showers and thunderstorms. up to 95 on monday and back to 90 on tuesday. >> you keep us out of the hundreds, we're going to be okay. >> all right, thanks, top. up next, a five-year-old comes to his father's rescue after a seizure. now this little guy is honored. we introduce you to quincy hall when we come back.
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for most five-year-olds, the biggest worry, which toy am i going to play with? his mom made sure to teach him how to call 9-1-1. he put that into action. how he worked with 9-1-1 dispatchers to save his dad. 911, what is your emergency? >> it comes in all the time. thought it might be a child playing with the phone. >> my dad is sick. >> your dad is sick? >> yeah. >> i thought oh great, there's a little boy who learned how to call 911 and he's playing. >> daddy. it's okay. i called the doctor. i called the doctor.
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>> then he dropped the phone, went and you could hear him tell his daddy, it's okay, i called the doctor for you. oh no, this is for real. >> so quincy did the right thing, but it was on the cell phone. so they used technology to zero in. >> 911 dispatcher started tracking the latitude and longitude coordinates from the cell phone signal. they were getting a general location. ellen tracked the cell number and found it had been used in previous emergency calls. they got an exact address in three minutes. aide arrived in 4 1/2 minutes and chris hall survived. >> i have a certificate of appreciation awarded to quincy james hall. >> for his part in saving his dad's life, he was center stage at an awards ceremony. there's a reason he knew how to call 911. >> because chris has a seizure disorder, i caught him how to call 911. >> did you call 911 yourself? >> uh-huh. >> all by yourself?
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>> and that's all this pint size hero would say, but his actions spoke louder than his words. >> and that was keith eldridge reporting. he couldn't attend yesterday's ceremony because of an illness. i'll be back with topper shutt. you can find us any time at i'm anita brikman, hope to see you later at 11:00. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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[ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. the first shots of tom cruise since his settlement with katie. now, who will suri spend christmas with? new details on the divorce deal. how will they split time with their daughter? the family's card sent to "e.t.." plus, katie's last interview just one day before filing for divorce. >> she laughed and danced between shots. and star child support. who pays the most. how much will katie get? >> suri is entitled to buy clothes any place that her heart desires. >> mick jagger's obsession with angelina jolie? >> continually calling her sobbing into the phone. >> the front man's new secrets. ♪ >> which stars did jagger put the moves on? farrah, madonna, bowie?


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